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Zorro Electricians delivers high-quality services with our electrical engineers staying abreast with the various technological advancements and methodologies in the industry. When you choose us for electrical projects at your home, you are assured peace of mind. With every electrical installation or servicing that we perform, safety is guaranteed.
Here are some of the services offered by Zorro Electricians:

Electrical Troubleshooting and Fixing

An electrical fault can cause a business significant loss of income. For residential clients, this can also result in losses and affects the quality of life. Never let an electrical fault disrupt your business at any time of the day or night. At Zorro Electricians, we are a 24/7 electrical repair company and we shall ensure normal operations of your business will not be distracted by an electrical fault. We shall provide troubleshooting to quickly identify the cause of electrical faults at your home. After determining the cause, we shall fix the issue and rectify any inappropriate installation to make sure the issue does not recur.

Kitchen or Bathroom Remodels

If you need electrical remodeling in your kitchen or bathroom, contact Zorro Electricians, we are an experienced company offering remodeling of the electrical installations. Our experienced and professional electricians will ensure that the new installation meets the requirements of the customer. In addition, we offer advisory role when doing the kitchen or the bath electrical remodel to make sure that the project is completed efficiently and effectively. Through our affordable electrical remodeling services, we have achieved a good record on customer satisfaction. We offer a fast and efficient service making sure that the project is completed within the set deadlines, and the work done meets the industry standards.

Landscape Lighting

For outdoor lighting, contact Zorro Electricians the innovative landscape lighting electrical contractor in Winnetka CA. Our technical team shall work with the landscaping contractor to make sure that your needs are met. In addition, we shall advise our clients on the choice of the best landscape lighting products. Our innovative technicians shall also transform the existing landscape lighting into a modern look. We also troubleshoot and repair landscape lights. If your landscape lighting is no longer working, contact Zorro Electricians for troubleshooting and fixing of the lighting installation.