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Do you need a licensed local electrician in Winnetka? Zorro Electricians is a top-rated electrical company serving Winnetka, CA. Where we offer high-quality electrical services.

Our certified electricians remain dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction while ensuring full time availability.

At Zorro Electricians, we remain ready to serve our customers 24 hour a day, including the holidays and weekends. Therefore, you won’t need a an electrical issue affect the normal operations of your business or home.

Our team is highly trained and ensures adherence to the industry standards in any electrical project that we undertake. With that we offer our customers a wide range of electrical services. Which is making us a one-stop shop for all your electrical services and requirements.


Zorro Electricians delivers high-quality services. This thanks to our electrical engineers who keeping up with the latest technological advancements and methodologies in the industry.

Below are some of the services our electricians can provide to you in Winnetka, CA.

Here are some of the services offered by Zorro Electricians:
electrical troubleshooting

Electrical Troubleshooting & Repair

An electrical fault can cause a business significant loss of income. For residential clients, this can also result in losses and affects the quality of life.

At Zorro Electricians, we provide 24 hour electrical troubleshooting & repair. So we can ensure normal operation of your business and fix electrical fault.

We can provide troubleshooting to quickly identify the cause of any electrical faults in your home. After determining the cause, we can repair the electrical issue and rectify any inappropriate installation. So you can avoid future problems and damages. Read more about our electrical troubleshooting and repair services.

Kitchen or Bathroom Electrical Remodeling

If you need electrical remodeling in your kitchen or bathroom. Then contact Zorro Electricians.

We are an experienced company offering remodeling and rewiring of your electrical installations.

Our experienced and professional electricians will ensure that the new installation meets the requirements as per code. In addition, we offer advisory role when doing the kitchen or the bathroom electrical remodel.

Through our affordable electrical remodeling services, we have achieved a good record on customer satisfaction. Because we are offering a fast and efficient service. Which is making sure that the project is completed within the set deadlines.

Landscape lighting

Landscape Lighting

Zorro Electricians are innovative landscape lighting experts.

Our electricians can work with landscaping contractor to make sure that your vision becomes reality. In addition, we can advise our clients on the choice of the best landscape lighting products.

Our electricians can also transform the existing landscape lighting into an appealing atmosphere.

Of course, we can also troubleshoot and repair landscape lights. So if your landscape lighting is no longer working. Then contact Zorro Electricians for fast and affordable electrical services.

electrical panel

Electrical Panel Installation

When you purchase a new home or business property you may need to look over your electrical panel. For instance, if you experience a power outages, failed electrical inspection or just uneven power delivery.

Our electricians can come to your property, look over your electrical system and advice you for the next step. Such as what type of electrical panel your property requires. So you can be sure you have safe and uninterrupted power supply. Read more about our electrical panel services.

emergency electrical troubleshooting

Emergency Electrician Winnetka

Zorro Electricians are available at all times for electrical issues.

If you have an electrical emergency, just call us. So we can send one of our excellent 24 hour emergency electrician to your home or business.

Our emergency electrician can help you with anything, from minor electrical issues or total blackouts.

Read more about our emergency electrician service.

emergency electrician

Rewiring & Wiring Services

Are you extending your property and new outlets and wires? Then we can help you, fast and efficiently.

We take care of any rewiring projects. From wires that have failed electrical inspections to new constructions. Read more about our rewiring services here.

When you contact us, we will provide you with upfront pricing on our electrical services. Therefore, you can be sure no additional charges or fees will apply.

We can also give you quotes on larger electrical projects after a site visit on your residential or commercial property.

Contact Zorro Electricians through our phone number (805)464-7264 to get the most affordable electrician Winnetka has to offer.

Stay safe and connected, check your electricity with us!